What We Do

Since its formation in 2017, SGBC has evolved into a provider of quality ‘people and money’ services to entrepreneurs and businesses alike. We take pride in developing close business relationships with our partners and collaborators through research and getting to know and understand where they are now and where they want to go in the future

The way we all do business has changed over the past 4 years, with more emphasis on ecommerce and focusing on specific marketplaces through collaboration, enabling us to offer expert help and advice.


Farmers choose to become farmers for practical reasons – understanding soil, produce, livestock, fish and not to get too involved in the business aspects of running a business, marketing goods, sourcing finance and so on.

The best entrepreneurs surround themselves with experts in their field to look after the bits they can’t do or are uncomfortable with. That is even more relevant in today’s crazy world, even without the pandemic. Technology is rapidly changing the way we live with more emphasis on online activities.

With that in mind we have created online programmes to help entrepreneurs maximise the potential of their business. That predominantly means developing people and sourcing money. For example, finding capital funding for equipment, land and the like is not easy but our experience at the sharp end of business enables us to help you. We have created and presented business plans and models specifically to raise funds through banks, institutions, private investors, etc.

TV Documentary / Video Production

We have produced videos for documentaries in agriculture, tourism, Caribbean cuisine and drinks, watersports, football, cricket, marketing and business management and are currently in negotiation to produce 60 minute documentaries in The Caribbean Region.

Our Barbados-based team’s clients include Duty Free Caribbean, Jet Blue, Miss Barbados World, RocNation, Berger Paints, Caribbean Media Corporation, Ministry of Culture, Sport & Youth Barbados and many others.

Destination Marketing

Substantial dependency on tourism will remain in The Caribbean Region because holidaymakers want sea and sand. They also want to be entertained.

Our Sales & Marketing team have several years’ experience, working in the travel and tourism industry with brands such as the Ritz Carlton, Relax & Chateau, Rosewood, Mandarin Oriental, Kempinski, The Dorchester Collection and many more. 

We are especially skilled in Luxury Travel, Video Production, International Relations, Networking and Digital Marketing with strong media and communication backgrounds in over 35+ countries. We include planning and promoting world leading events such as the Dubai World Cup, U.S Open and the Vienna Ringstrasse.

Our team includes an FAA certified drone pilot.

Online Training & Development

Our online programmes cover how to start, run and grow a business, breaking down individual segments to cover sales, marketing, financials, staff development, succession planning and problem solving. In today’s climate that includes surviving.

We emphasize the necessity to know as much as possible about our clients’ business. So, we’ve created a questionnaire that gives us the heads-up, enabling us to help them. We will create a business plan – a roadmap for your way forward and we can assure you, all our dealings are confidential.

Customer Service

This is the cornerstone of our offering – exemplary customer service. Giving the customer what they need. We bring in the right people with consulting expertise to deliver real-time, customized, transparent relevant solutions enabling businesses to provide what their customers want and creating repeat customers who will help the business grow whilst feeling part of it.

Mind Management / Personal Growth

Simple solutions to enable you to focus and achieve through belief and confidence.

Golfers – since 1997 we have helped elite amateur and professional golfers – 1 Open champion, 2 Ryder Cup winners, 8 PGA European Tour winners, development tour winners, amateur team and individual champions. We have worked with renowned golf coaches in UK, USA, South Africa & Portugal.

Footballers – EFL and National League players, helping them to focus, reduce mistakes, believe in themselves, understand why and how they became elite players.

Business executives / employees – Since 1996 we have helped companies develop their employees, enabling the business to obtain full value from their team and increasing performance and profitability. We have worked in UK, USA, Caribbean, Portugal, South Africa and China.  

Entrepreneurs – encouraging young and mature entrepreneurs to live their dreams, helping them to start, run and grow their businesses, eliminate fear, problem solving, mentoring, achieving a balanced lifestyle. We have worked in UK and Caribbean Region.