"Roger has been generally interested in the development of startups in the Caribbean. He and I met through a mutual colleague who recommended him as a resource to help in fund raising. We had a number of productive conversations and he helped to generate interest in our company at a very difficult economic time. Roger will help you think through how your company's value proposition can be made stronger and more concise to attract both clients and investors and is really keen on seeing the development of a robust startup community in the Caribbean."

Khalil Bryan, Co-Founder & CEO, Caribbean Transit Solutions, Barbados, WI

"Roger Manners and I met approximately 1.5 years ago, at a time when I was professionally distressed and surrounded by the fears and insecurities of business and the entrepreneurial journey. Before our first meeting, I was very reserved and delivered only strategic and cautious speech, since I didn't know what to expect from him or Spark Global Business Caribbean.  I can, however, state that those feelings dissipated quickly and there have been no regrets. Roger is a gem, with a gentle yet firm spirit and has always been a source of encouragement and guidance; enthusiastically primed with professional plugs and constructive critique which have helped mould me to the business woman I am today."

Andree Estwick (Ms.)
Realtor and Residential Manager, St John, Barbados, WI

"Roger has been an absolute asset to our company. His knowledge in sales and strategy, along with a keen attitude in extending a listening ear and providing concrete solutions, are noticeable aspects of his work ethic. These traits have assisted Woye in the foundation phase of our company's growth. His vivacious nature and blunt honesty continues to give us practical approaches to complex issues. These qualities are the reasons we feel confident in our recommendation to any business, that is accepting of a team player, who is ready to lend a willing hand in assisting in the development of their business."

Ms Danielle Corbin, Co- founder & CEO WOYE, Barbados

"Roger has over a five year period played a pivotal role in my company's development. Through its embryonic stages of development, Roger has always been readily available to provide advice, guidance and mentorship; as well as putting us in touch with valuable contacts that had the expertise to advise us on progress. Thanks Roger"

Miguel Hinkson, Unique Wheel Chair, Barbados W.I   

"I worked with Roger on developing and launching my product and it was great to have him as part of the team. His network got me linked up with all the right players. He assisted me with the business plan and got me in front of some of the world’s largest retailers with a very positive outcome. I found him to be a great team player, very passionate about helping young startups and prepared to go out of his way to make things happen. I highly recommend Roger if you want to get your business idea off the ground."

Tyrone Probert, Entrepreneur, Bristol, England

"As an aspiring entrepreneur, it can be difficult. Knowing nothing about entrepreneurship or where to begin. All you have is this burning sensation within, a spark. Roger Manners is great with sparks! He is a wealth of knowledge and experience, professional, charismatic and reminds me of the sun. They say "make hay while the sun shines" and you better because his time is precious. He is warm, nurturing and burns bright! Roger and Spark Global has been supportive and a guiding light with priceless experience and countless connections. I've known him just over a year and I wouldn't have imagined a year ago that I'd be where I am today."

Ms Rhea Cox, Entrepreneur, Barbados, WI 

"David Brown, Steven Brown and Gary Brown who are the owners and directors of DAB Lift and Electrical Services Ltd first met Roger Manners approximately 12 years ago. Roger first offered DAB support and guidance in the form of a business consultant helping us understand the mechanics and requirements of expanding our business.

When Roger first made contact with DAB we were turning over around £600K P/A. With advice given on how to manage systems and suppliers he helped us negotiate better terms and structures that increased our profits/margins. The advice given has proved invaluable and has enabled us to scale up our operations to a predicted turnover this year of £2.4M

We personally knew our trade (lift engineering) but had very little skill in management, HR, contract negotiation to name a few. However once Roger had demonstrated the basic skills needed, we changed our company procedures to reflect them and now have a robust operating system enabling us to obtain international accreditation as follows: 
ISO 9001 (UKAS), OHAS 18001, Lift regulations, Lift Design

In summary Roger has helped us understand and implement the essential building blocks required to create a long standing robust business. As a result, DAB have formed other successful companies and have also introduced two new departments within DAB that undertake lightning protection services and fire security, both of which successfully use the same operation template as our lift department.

Without Roger’s help I suspect myself and my brothers would have continued operating DAB the way we were, to the detriment of profits and sanity. We appreciate everything we have learnt from Roger and still consult with him before any big decisions (acquisitions, staff changes, expansion plans) are made to avoid pitfalls and procrastination!"

David Brown, Managing Director, DAB Group, Rainham, Essex, England